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If you are looking for recommendations for a good online dating book, then this is the right place. I’ll give you some really cool resources later in the article, but first I’d like to share with you a quick (but deadly) effective online dating technique.

Facebook + Texting = Seduction Win!

Here’s how you can use both social networking (particularly Facebook) and texting to quickly attract a woman… and make her feel CLOSER to you. I came up with this technique after studying Derek Rake’s online dating book and his texting guide called “TextingOnSteroids”. So if you’ve already got both books (masterpieces on meeting women)  then you’ll definitely feel familiar with what I’m going to share with you next.

Ask her what her last name is and tell her it’s for Facebook. Do this after exchanging banter over text a few times so she won’t think it’s creepy.

Doing it this way will also seem like you thought of adding her just at that moment. If you’ve done the first steps right, you won’t have any trouble pulling this off.

On Facebook, you can find out a lot more things about her, including:-

  • Her job (and work experience),
  • The schools she attended,
  • The music she likes,
  • The kind of movies she likes, and
  • Even how socially active she is.

A lot of people rave over stuff on other’s Facebook walls, which reveal a treasure trove of information about what they like. Note her favorites, as well as the things she comments on.

Next, comment about this via text, but in a subtle manner. Subtlety is important here because you don’t want her to know that you’ve been poring over her profile and memorizing everything about her like a creepy stalker.

(Use other techniques that you find in Derek Rake’s Internet Dating Playbook when you are researching her interests to pick her up)

How To Avoid Sounding Like An Online Stalker

Here’s an example of a creepy note: “I noticed you like old Western movies? What a coincidence, so do I!” This message will make her think “what is this guy doing? Is he obsessed with my facebook now?” This will make her feel like you’re trying to win her approval by liking the things she likes and by parroting whatever she writes on Facebook.

This is not the way to build rapport with her, and the worst part about it is this: you’re making her quit texting you by implying you want to know everything about her.

Derek Rake talks at length about this inside the Fractionation Formula, but women, especially the really great looking ones, are well aware that men are willing to try everything to get inside their skirts.

While she might forgive you for thinking that; she won’t let this ‘stalker-ish’ behavior go on. Making your attraction seem too obvious will make her avoid you completely. The worst thing that could happen is to have your whole vibe come across as artificial or forced. You’re better off baiting for rapport than begging for it.

Read the next section to find out.

How to “Bait” For Rapport?

Now, how can you turn that bit of information you learned through her Facebook profile into something that will bait her into liking you more?

Here’s Derek’s recommendation in his online dating book: steer the conversation towards old movies in general. You can let the conversation go until you start talking about what’s in your DVD shelves. Then, mention something about an actress who starred in a western movie.

For instance, you can casually comment about how you love Sharon Stone in Sliver but you like her best when she wears western duds because her femininity is emphasized by manly clothing. This will reveal to her that you like old western movies, and she will be the one muttering ‘what a coincidence’ inside her head.

If you don’t snag her with that bait, here’s another one:

Use the same vibe you used when you met her. If you met her in the club and you teased her mercilessly until she ended up blushing, you can use the same technique while you’re text messaging.

Don’t bust your head thinking of ways to attract her again, just use the same prompts you used when you managed to make her give you her phone number. Chances are, she will feel the same emotions all over again.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you met her in a bar and she was drinking vodka tonic. The third time she ordered the same drink, you teased about her being the owner of a vodka tonic factory that’s why she was genetically predisposed to drinking vodka instead of water.

You can use this to tease her via text. Tell her you went to a bar and ordered Crown Royal & Coke, but the waiter brought you vodka tonic instead. Then you say, “Is this your way of stalking me?” playfully. She will get reminded of your first conversation and will fall for it completely.

Facebook + Text is a deadly combo… use it and you’ll never be short of success with women.

Now listen up…

The above technique is derived from a simple foundational concept called “Fractionation”. Known as the grand-daddy of all “covert” seduction techniques, it’s super powerful, and is famous for its ability to generate attraction super quickly – in as little as a few minutes. It’s the most cutting edge method on how to pick up girls that you can ever find.

Download the Fractionation Formula here

Now go get ‘em!

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