October Man Sequence

October Man Sequence – What It Is, And How To Pick Up Girls Using “Forbidden Patterns”

Ever since Neil Strauss wrote about it in his book “The Game”, the October Man Sequence has become incredibly popular in today’s society. Basically, this sequence claims that it can make girls jump into bed with a guy within 15 minutes or less.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news that comes with this, too, though. Sometimes, if not done right or if misused, it could turn girls into stalkers.

After the first ebook format of “The Game” was published, the October Man Sequence really stood out, but not in a good way. In fact, it actually caused a huge controversy in the field of seduction and dating where some people asked for a ban of the ebook because it could apparently be extremely harmful to women if it ever fell into unscrupulous hands.

When it was first released, the October Man Sequence caused an incredibly stir in the world of seduction, and numerous threads popped up to talk about it. The majority of forums online started hyping it up, too; but what is this sequence, really?

The October Man Sequence – Origins

In a nutshell, a veteran in the world of seduction named IN10SE came up with the October Man Sequence. IN10SE is also mentioned in the book by Neil Strauss under the pseudonym Twotimer. This guy was one of Ross Jeffries’ students (Ross Jeffries is the grandmaster of the Speed Seduction school of dating techniques), as well as Swingcat’s peer (another renowned expert in the field of hypnosis-based seduction techniques). Derek Rake has further expanded these techniques and added his own “Zen Seduction” flavor into what eventually known as the Dark Rake Method.

This sequence was basically written with Milton Erickson‘s tactic, the February Man, in mind, but was renamed to October Man because that was when IN10SE was born. Overall, it revolves around various NLP and hypnosis concepts, like framing, fractionation, focus and intention.

The main concept that the October Man Sequence revolves around, though, would be symbolism, which involves manipulating certain things that a woman feels and  turning those feelings into special symbols. These symbols will then be anchored onto you in order to invoke your feelings of choice on the woman, be it pain or pleasure.

If done properly, you should be able to link these symbols into the woman’s subconscious and control them along with her overall feelings. Apparently, if done properly, you will also be able to control the feelings of your woman of choice at will. If you want to know how to pick up girls like a true pro, then this is the technique that you have always been wanting to learn.

October Man Sequence – Is It Dangerous To Use?

Some people think this is extremely dangerous since unsuspecting victims usually get hypnotized through techniques like these, thus leaving them vulnerable to various kinds of manipulation. Plus, once you get a woman to feel pleasure or pain as per your own intentions, then she will be at your complete mercy in the end.

Now, there are some people out there who are worried about the use of this particular seduction technique. After all, IN10SE did state that the October Man Sequence is so powerful that it is can almost be compared to bringing nuclear bombs into a regular gunfight.

Because of this uncertainty regarding the technique, some seduction gurus are still hesitant about sharing this pattern with their students because they do not know whether they will be more harmful than beneficial to them. However, after several fake materials were exchanged at an online auction for an incredibly high amount of money, IN10SE finally released this allegedly dark technique to the general public.

Naturally, it is true that the October Man Sequence may not be for everybody – but then again, what technique is? If you are interested in finding out more about this technique, but really want to play it safe, too, then you should instead go download a variation of the October Man called the Fractionation Formula.

You will also be able to find a free video there, which will show you how the author uses sexual value elicitation in a modern day scenario. More on this later.

What’s Inside The October Man Sequence

If you want a complete description of the October Man Sequence, then you definitely need to get your hands on the whole ebook. Through it, you will also learn about various forbidden patterns that are already known all throughout the seduction community, like “Death“, “The Door“, “My Slave” and “Install Sickness“. “My Slave” is mostly used to turn women into emotionally-dependent “slaves”, though, so a lot of people frown upon it, as well.

However, there is one particular section in it that focuses on Boyfriend Destroyers and this is probably one of the most interesting sections of all. Basically, this section focuses on the different questions that you could ask women who already have boyfriends to make them leave their current significant others and run away with you. Pretty potent stuff!

A Better Alternative – Fractionation

To be honest, the world would probably be a much better place without this kind of knowledge since it could definitely be harmful to women if men aren’t careful. However, for real students of persuasion and psychology who really take these things seriously, downloading the book would be highly beneficial since they will be able to learn more about the twisted types of psychology in the field of seduction.

There has been comparison between the October Man Sequence and Fractionation as far as “potency” is concerned, but the jury still hasn’t officially decided whether it is, in fact, the deadliest seduction technique out there. Still, Fractionation is known to be an incredibly potent seduction technique overall, so why not try it out and see how it works for you? What have you got to lose, after all?

Click here for a video on the Fractionation Formula -

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Fractionation – Get Her To Like You In 15 Minutes Flat (video)

Of course, you just can’t rely on Fractionation for everything. This technique will need to be done along with the basics of seduction. So, if it is a magic pill that you are looking for, then you definitely won’t find it here. You will still need to put some time and effort into this technique in order to succeed with it – remember that.

However, if you are already quite successful at building attraction without the help of hypnosis or other seduction techniques, then this particular technique is sure to make you skyrocket in the world of dating in no time. Try it.

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